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1/2 Day - Negotiation Certification

In this workshop students will explore negotiations at all levels, from the school lunch swap to the multi-billion-dollar deal. The highlight of the workshop is the bargaining simulation that puts each student on a “table team” in an effort to get the best deal they can under the fictitious circumstances set out by the facilitator. By the end of the workshop students are often wishing they could keep going…with the full day workshop there will be a bit more time to do so. Jeff will work with the SHSM lead to determine maximum number of students based on physical space available. This workshop involves frequent movement, and interactive group work – some of which needs to be done in private where other groups cannot hear. Students will recieve one (1) SHSM Certification.

Full Day - Negotiation & Business Etiquette Certifications

In response to demand for a full day version of the negotiation workshop, this full-day option incorporates activities and exploration into Business Etiquette and what it means in today’s modern world. The focus will be looking at interacting with others and communicating in the workplace in a variety of contexts. Emphasis will be placed on communication skills and team development as the students apply what they’ve learned immediately within the negotiation simulation. This workshop allows a bit more time for the bargaining, and in the end students receive two certifications (Business Etiquette and Negotiation Training) Note: The Business Etiquette portion is not delivered as a separate half day workshop, and is only available within the full day version. Students will recieve two (2) SHSM Certifications.

1/2 Day - Customer Service Certification

Students will recieve one (1) SHSM Certification.

Full Day - Negotiation & Customer Service Certifications

Students will recieve two (2) SHSM Certifications.

About The Facilitator

Jeff combines his experiences as an educator, negotiator, mediator, and facilitator to help students develop applicable skills that will serve them now and into the future.

Related Experience

Jeff's diverse background coupled with his experience as a guidance counsellor gives him a unique understanding of the soft skills necessary to excel in the workplace. The Business Etiquette portion of the workshop gives students the opportunity to learn and practice these skills during their training. Jeff has extensive training in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and holds the designation of Qualified Mediator. Jeff is a licensed facilitator of the Strengths Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI2.0). This tool helps participants improve “Relationship Intelligence” , manage choices and perceptions, and enable more effective behavior and communication in relationships.

"To be honest I loved the training."


Grade 12

“Was a great way to start in negotiation and learn strategies of persuasion. Loved it.”


Grade 11

Please describe what you liked about the workshop… ”Quite literally everything, especially the negotiation + the mystery of not knowing what the other side was trying to accomplish!”


Grade 11

"I could not speak any higher of the negotiation training and it was just as interesting as informative."


Grade 12

“I absolutely loved this exercise”


Grade 12

“It was super enjoyable and I was engaged the whole time. Overall 10/10 experience.”


Grade 11

“I will take away the etiquette for texts, phone calls, emails. I found this very insightful”


Grade 12

“I found the workshop to be an excellent step in developing better business practices and proper negotiating skills. I would strongly recommend anyone to take part in this workshop no matter the age or experiences.”


Grade 11

“The pace, content, as well as the activities were simply a blast.”


Grade 11

“I feel like it is very good in guiding people on how to be a better representative in many scenarios, even outside of a job “


Grade 11

"Jeff provided a student driven experience that engaged my students for the entire session. His approach allows students to build their skills in a hands-on manner that left them all feeling like they had improved. Jeff delivers an outstanding SHSM workshop, I'm happy to have found him."

Mr. Allen

Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

“Student engagement was high. This was the best student training I have attended. Students were so engaged they had to be told 3 times that the negotiation was over. Such an amazing learning experience for high school students.”

Ms Brennan

Greater Essex County District School Board